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Git with a cup of tea, painless self-hosted git service

Updated 5 hours ago

Fast and secure standalone server for resizing and converting remote images

Updated 6 hours ago

The DokuWiki Open Source Wiki Engine

Updated 7 hours ago

Packet, where are you? -- Linux kernel networking debugger

Updated 7 hours ago

Take control over your live stream video by running it yourself. Streaming + chat out of the box.

Updated 8 hours ago

A platform to create documentation/wiki content built with PHP & Laravel

Updated 9 hours ago

Open Source Continuous File Synchronization

Updated 9 hours ago

Updated 9 hours ago

Universal command-line interface for SQL databases

Updated 12 hours ago

Stable Diffusion web UI

Updated 19 hours ago

A glossy Matrix collaboration client for the web.

Updated 23 hours ago