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Building the image

A minimal container for ingesting and playing back RTMP streams via the HLS or DASH protocols.

To build the image, clone the repository and run the following command, optionally specifying an nginx version to build:

./ [nginx_version]

Optionally, you can specify the Docker registry to be used by prepending the REGISTRY environment variable: ./

If no registry is specified, the images will be built as local/nginx-rtmp:<version>.

If a registry is specified, the built images will be pushed to it once the build is finished.

If you would like images to also be tagged as latest, you can specify LATEST=yes as an environment variable:

LATEST=yes ./

These environment variables and arguments can be combined: LATEST=yes ./ 1.21.0

The resulting images from the above command might look like this:

sinc@crimson ~ docker images
REPOSITORY                                      TAG            IMAGE ID       CREATED        SIZE            1.21.0         6e60200a2454   7 hours ago    18.2MB            latest         6e60200a2454   7 hours ago    18.2MB

Running the container

DASH streams are stored inside the container in /var/www/html/dash, and HLS streams are stored in /var/www/html/hls.

Make sure to store these persistently if you want them to remain after stopping the container.

For example, to store the VODs in corresponding directories within your user home directory:

docker run --detach --rm --mount type=bind,source=${HOME}/dash,destination=/var/www/html/dash --mount type=bind,source=${HOME}/hls,destination=/var/www/html/hls local/nginx-rtmp:latest

Make sure these directories exist prior to running the above command.

Streaming with OBS

To stream via OBS, under the Stream section:

Set Service to Custom...

Set Server to rtmp:// for DASH or rtmp:// for HLS

Set Stream Key to the directory you'd like to stream to, for example a stream key of seednode would result in the following paths:

DASH stream:

HLS stream: